The Chateau Kitchen

The Chateau Kitchen


“We have spent many evenings discussing how we could tell our journeys through food. From childhood memories to our most recent trips to a restaurant, we have spent our lives experiencing and learning about new flavours, ingredients and tastes… we are so excited to finally launch The Chateau Kitchen – a collection of our favourite recipes by us, and from our family archives”.

The Chateau Kitchen includes lots of delicious recipes from Dick, Angel and the family. With 200 beautifully designed pages of recipes from breakfasts to nightcaps, this book is perfect for everything from family classics to impressive dinner parties with friends.

“We both grew up in families that showed love through food, and there is no question that this is where our quests for knowledge began. At different times in our lives and careers we have been in the kitchen. From simple family fun to the Celebrity Master Chef final, the more serious side of running a restaurant, and the decade that the Vintage Patisserie served very many high teas. It feels like food is in our DNA.

Every recipe in this book has a meaning and is part of our combined history. From the pancakes that our mums made, to apple pies, kidneys, to our wedding; indeed, all the way to the ‘now’, to the much-loved recipes that our children Arthur and Dorothy adore too. They all tell a story.

Recipes stay in families for generations and passing them over to loved ones is an important responsibility that cannot be taken lightly!”.

The Chateau Kitchen is filled with 200 pages of recipes and inspiration from The Chateau. Printed on beautiful 135gsm paper, bound with a  hardback cover and finished with a bookmark ribbon to make sure you never lose that recipe you need!

Made in Britain.
ISBN 978-1-3999-0761-3

Have you always wanted to see your very own recipes in print? We're very excited to announce that there is now a personalised version of this book where you can add your own (or maybe your mums!) favourite recipes alongside Dick and Angels!


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