Personalised 9" Chef's Knife

Personalised 9" Chef's Knife

As low as £129.95

Good all round preparation knife. Can be used for carving as well as vegetable preparation.

Of the traditional style Chef’s knives – the 24cm blade must be the most popular, it certainly is in both our domestic and new commercial kitchen

The blade is long enough to tackle joints whilst the depth is useful for all kinds of food prep including veg, fish and meat.

This really is a “one size fits all” blade. It has easily coped with everything I have tested it with at The Chateau!

It’s a beautifully balanced knife with great handle depth so if you have larger hands as both James my son and I do, this would probably be a perfect fit.

Designed in Britain manufactured in Japan – the home of great knives!

Please note that due to the nature of this product, all knives will be shipped and delivered separately by a specialist courier to other products ordered at the same time.

You will be contacted directly with a 2 hour delivery window as these will need to be signed for.

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