Nouveau Heron Bed Set

Nouveau Heron Bed Set

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On the fourth floor of The Chateau, a room patiently awaited some TLC. The former servant’s quarters look out over Dick & Angel’s walled garden, the “Potagerie”.

The room waited nearly four years to be given the attention it deserved, and in that time, the Potagerie had begun its transformation – and the view got better and better and better. Dick duly named the room “The Potagerie Suite”, and from that moment it too started to come to life...


“The kitchen garden is Dick’s passion, though a little outside my comfort zone. That said, there is such strong shape and form to be found there that I couldn’t resist combining my love for Art Deco shapes with items from the garden tended so lovingly by my husband. The appearance of carrots, courgettes, artichokes, sweet pea and, of course, bees really scream, “Garden!”  To complete the cottage garden feel I even took inspiration from the flowers on the century-old wallpaper that was originally in the room.”

For Angel, design needs to tell a story. This one is about love.


The Story

The Detail