Nouveau Wallpaper Lavender Bag

Nouveau Wallpaper Lavender Bag


The Chateau's walled garden is a special sanctuary and was reclaimed by Dick after decades of neglect. The first items Dick planted were some small fruit trees and a row of lavender. The lavender has been a source of enjoyment, not only in the garden but also when we chop it back! And the entire family love the smell. Now Arthur & Dorothy are older we enjoy making Lavender Bags together. We have them everywhere, including our sock-draws.

There is a debate over English or French Lavender. We just love both but we are British. We put 40g of English Lavender straight from The Cotswold Lavender Farm into our Wallpaper cotton bag finished with a lovely herringbone tape ribbon to tie which means if they do finally lose their scent, you can just re-fill them.

Made in Britain

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