How did it feel recording a Christmas episode knowing that it wasn’t in real time to the event and did you real Christmas feel as magical as the filmed episode?

Every year, excluding the first year, we have had a pre-Christmas-day celebration. But it is most certainly still a Christmas celebration. Firstly it always takes place mid-December.. which is really tough on the edit.. one year they had three days to edit the programme after the celebration.. It was nearly as live! Secondly, the celebrations are always about things that are happening in our lives..... One year we had the Strawbridge girls over because the weather would have been too bad to come a couple of weeks later, we have had our team and also dear friends celebrations… all were very special Christmas Celebrations and I think most people actually have a number before Christmas Day! This year was different, we were having a bit of fun and had a taster menu.. working out the foods we wanted to have.

And Christmas Day… was completely incredible… there is nothing like Father Christmas turning up and leaving pressies at the end of the bed!