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We had loads of wonderful entries for our Our “Dare to Do it - at Home” Literary competition! We had everything from auto-biographies, to novellas and wellbeing manuals. Choosing a final 6 was incredibly difficult.

You can read a synopsis (and the first chapter!) of the shortlisted books below, and choose the one that you think will be a real page-turner!

The book with the most votes will go on sale after voting has closed, with royalties going to the winning entrant and matched monies going to the charity of their choice. You can only vote once so make sure you’ve chosen your favourite book!


The Magic of Trevellas - Jane Cable

Martin Scott is a man in trouble; trouble with his ex, trouble with his job, and trouble with himself. To escape it all he takes a holiday in Cornwall to get his head straight. He isn’t looking for love but meets local girl Betony Pentowan who is everything he’s not. She falls for him too, but there are things he should tell her before it’s too late. Can he do so without risking losing the woman who might just be his reason to change?

The Magic of Trevellas is the first in a series of emotional contemporary romances set mainly in Cornwall that sit in the space on the shelf between Liz Fenwick and Phillipa Ashley.

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Meet Me at the Melbourne - Gemma Frances Robson

When Eve first met James in Australia, she thought she’d found a love to last a lifetime. Six years later its over when the tug of home pulls her back to England for good, and James declares he has no intention of coming with her - ever. Crushed and at a crossroads, Eve is encouraged to pursue a dream inspired by her time overseas - to open an Aussie-style café in the heart of her local community, offering a program of activities for her customers to enjoy alongside their morning latte.

By Christmas, The Melbourne Community Café is a thriving hub serving the best coffee this side of the northern hemisphere. Eve’s little staff of three soon open their hearts as well as their doors to those around them, and when a lonely wanderer with a questionable past is drawn to the café’s warmth, it represents a window into a world he’s never been welcome to be part of. Could Eve’s decision to take a chance on this stranger threaten everything they’ve all worked so hard to achieve?

Meanwhile, a childhood friend seeks Eve’s affections and an amorous Italian restaurateur follows in hot pursuit, but she doesn't think anything can compare to what she had with James. When everything around her shatters and only one man is there to help pick up the pieces, could Eve’s inability to let go thwart her second chance at finding happiness?

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Secrets and Spies - Anita Kemp

What if a woman walked away from a life of wealth and privilege to marry a man she loved, only to find herself widowed, jobless, and soon to be homeless?

The war is over, and Muriel Stanley faces a bleak future for her and her daughter, Bella. With no job and no money, Muriel must find a way to put food on the table and a roof over their heads. But there’s one more thing - Muriel is carrying a dark secret. A secret that fills her with an obsession for finding the truth and seeking justice.

It is this secret, this obsession, that will take Muriel on a perilous journey where she will uncover a web of lies and deceit at the highest level of British government. She must find the courage to keep going. If she fails, lives could be lost - including her own.

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In the Doghouse - Samantha David

A feel-good comic romance set in France, this quirky, witty entertainment will leave you glowing with warmth and optimism.

Rosie is permanently off men, famous actors in particular; she prefers dogs. So when her old school-friend foists a so-called penniless writer into her crumbling Provencal chateau, she has no idea that he has just been voted the world's sexiest film star or that he is on the list to play James Bond. Even when he strolls into her kitchen, she is so wrapped up in canines and teenagers that she doesn't notice his devastating good looks. Nice conformation, she thinks, but no manners. Needs house-training...

For his part, Florian Kent has never, ever before been ignored - let alone told to clean a kennel, put lunch on the table, find a step-ladder, walk a boxer, put a child to bed, and prop his bed up on a brick. He's never been held up in broad daylight by a teenage highway-woman riding a massive horse called So Big either. But having trashed so many hotel rooms that he has nowhere else to hide from the press, he is forced to stay at Rosie's, dealing with her horse-mad daughter, her talented but prickly photographer son, her various friends, protectors and admirers, plus the horse, the cats and all the dogs: Spike, Dolly, Fanny and more puppies than he can count.

He just wishes she'd stop telling him to sit.

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A Puddle Through Time - Victoria James

A Puddle Through Time is a wonderful, time travelling love story between our heroine, Caroline, and Nicholas. Caroline finds herself transported back in time from the present day to 1646, the time of the English Civil War and the reign of Charles 1st.

Caroline worked at Depden Hall as a gardener, but when she is transported back in time to the seventeenth century she discovers that Depden Hall is her home and she is in fact Lady Caroline Sackville, the only daughter of Lady Anne and Lord John Sackville. She enjoys a privileged life and is spoilt, pampered and indulged.

Meeting Lord Nicholas Trevelyan, the fourth Earl of Essex, and one of Charles 1st supporters, and discovering they are already promised in marriage, the adventure really begins. She falls in love with Lord Trevelyan and travels with him and the King while the Civil War is raging. Knowing how the future plays out makes it difficult for Caroline to keep quiet when she is privy to certain information. Will she, or can she, change the course of history to save her true love?

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The Art of Darkness - George Morris De’Ath

Lydia Tune is a famous author and crime writer, she is self assured and confident. She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it.

Her next book is to be about a notorious serial killer ‘The Crimson Killer’ and as she drives into ‘The Mortem Asylum for the Criminally Insane’ she is unaware of how the events of the next few weeks will change her life forever.

It turns out that Alex Gilbey, the detective responsible for bringing the killer to justice, is an old school friend of Lydias and the chemistry is obvious. Lydia however has never dropped her guard and let a silly things like love and emotion get in the way of her mission to produce best sellers. The ‘Ice Queen’ has always been fully in control and shall not be distracted by such trivia. As her research progresses she finds she has a curious connection with the killer. Can she see through the psychological mind games and discover the truth?

The story culminates in a tense, chilling twist that uncovers the gruesome truth behind his early childhood and the mysterious death of his younger brother. One thing is certain, Lydia will never be the same person she was before she arrived at Mortem and her journey of self discovery.

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The winner will be announced on the 30th September. Good luck!


Dick and Angel x