Your Winner of the 2020 Literature Competition

We had loads of wonderful entries for our Our “Dare to Do it - at Home” Literary competition! We had everything from auto-biographies, to novellas and wellbeing manuals. Choosing a final 6 was incredibly difficult.

We are so pleased to announce the winner of our competition... Meet Me at the Melbourne by Gemma Frances Robson! The book will be published by us, and available to buy soon - we're just putting the finishing touches together.

You can read the synopsis and the first chapter below. Congratulations Gemma!


Meet Me at the Melbourne - Gemma Frances Robson

When Eve first met James in Australia, she thought she’d found a love to last a lifetime. Six years later its over when the tug of home pulls her back to England for good, and James declares he has no intention of coming with her - ever. Crushed and at a crossroads, Eve is encouraged to pursue a dream inspired by her time overseas - to open an Aussie-style café in the heart of her local community, offering a program of activities for her customers to enjoy alongside their morning latte.

By Christmas, The Melbourne Community Café is a thriving hub serving the best coffee this side of the northern hemisphere. Eve’s little staff of three soon open their hearts as well as their doors to those around them, and when a lonely wanderer with a questionable past is drawn to the café’s warmth, it represents a window into a world he’s never been welcome to be part of. Could Eve’s decision to take a chance on this stranger threaten everything they’ve all worked so hard to achieve?

Meanwhile, a childhood friend seeks Eve’s affections and an amorous Italian restaurateur follows in hot pursuit, but she doesn't think anything can compare to what she had with James. When everything around her shatters and only one man is there to help pick up the pieces, could Eve’s inability to let go thwart her second chance at finding happiness?

Click here to download the first chapter.


Congratulations to our winner and a big thank you to everyone who entered and voted!


Dick and Angel x