Making summer chutney: part 1

We’ve got one of my favourite recipes for you this week. Arthur did have to remind us that the Walled Garden is no longer “mine” and is now “ours” after all the hard work everyone has put in this year… he’s not wrong!

We’re making a huge batch of tomato chutney. The star will be the home-grown tomatoes, but we’ll also be including lots of other home-grown vegetables, including courgettes and summer squash… and not forgetting a few raisins! We’ll be mixing them with, sugar, vinegar and for a bit of extra flavour... a little Panch Phoron spice mix.

Whilst we were prepping our vegetables for our tomato chutney, we knocked up a quick sweet pickle mix. To make your own, you’ll need a handful of Cornichons, Panch Phoron and equal parts for water and vinegar, with half the measure of these for the sugar.

Check back next week to see the next stages of making our chutney’s!

Posted By: Dick on 6th August 2020

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