Part 2: Making rhubarb crumble and the family eat nettles…

Last week we shared the first part of our Easter weekend with you, which included us all harvesting rhubarb and a (not so!) secret stinging nettle recipe from me (Dick) and Arthur…

This week you’ll see us test our stinging secret ingredient on the family as the first course of our Easter Sunday meal, and how we put our rhubarb to good use for dessert!

In case you missed the ingredients for our rhubarb crumble topping:

  • 250g of flour

  • 125g of butter

  • 65g of brown sugar

If you’d like to make more (or less!), an approximate ratio of 4:2:1 for flour:fat:sugar, is how I’d do it… it’s never failed me!

Posted By: Dick on 14th May 2020

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