The Chateau Monogrammed Personalised Notebooks: The Step-By-Step Process

Here at The Chateau, personalised stationery and gifts is something we are truly passionate about. Take a look behind the scenes of how we create our beautiful monogrammed notebooks…

Dick and Angel are huge lovers of stationery and there’s no doubt that sentiment is at the heart of The Chateau. Our personalised notebooks were the third item we ever produced. We believed we could include a level of personalisation and quality that had never been seen in the marketplace before, so we created a notebook that felt totally individual with 6 different customisable options to make it completely unique. The cover, insides and choice of paper are all able to be personalised to suit everyone’s journaling needs!

Our personalised embossed and gold foiled notebooks are a product that we are immensely proud of at The Chateau. We didn’t want to compromise on quality, it was important to Dick that the paper was thick enough to be able to take a fountain pen, so we decided on a 150gsm off-white stock to sit between the hard-back covers. Every notebook is printed, personalised and bound by hand at our Chateau HQ in the UK. Our team take pride in putting together each and every notebook that gets sent out to our lovely customers all around the world. Here’s a bit more of an insight into how they are made from start to finish.

“We believed we could include a level of personalisation and quality that had never been seen in the marketplace before.”


Personalising The Notebook Cover

The first stage of creating The Chateau notebooks involves taking one of our beautifully designed hardback covers (printed and made in house!) and embossing the personalisation. One of our dedicated team takes your chosen cover design and hand composes the requested lettering to be monogrammed. Using individual text blocks, the initials are gently stamped into the notebook cover using a specialist machine.

Our leatherette designs, including the classic Potagerie Debossed notebook, are heat reactive and change colour at the correct temperature to reveal the design!


Elegant Gold Foiling

The next stage is to adorn the notebook with our gold or silver foil detailing, which is done by hand. The metallic foil personalised initials stand out against our vibrant notebook cover designs and complements them brilliantly. It adds an extra layer of elegance that we are very proud of!


Time to Bind

Once the cover has been personalised, it’s time to focus on the inside of the notebook. We offer five different insert designs for our notebooks; plain, dotted, graph, lined and Dick’s Project Book, to suit everybody’s journaling needs! As well as this, the inside of the notebook is personalised with the individual’s name and telephone number, to make it truly personal to them. It’s the Chateau Teams job to make sure all personalisation choices come together in the final notebook.

The inserts for our notebooks come in blocks which need to be bound together in the correct format. Once our team have checked that all the correct choices are included in the notebook, it’s time to bind. All of the relevant information is inputted into the binding machine and voila, after a few minutes…the insert is done!


Cutting The Book To Size

Once the book is finished in the binding machine (but before we move on to affixing the covers!) the pages are then cut to the right size to make sure it fits within its cover perfectly!


Adding The Special Details

For us at The Chateau, the devil is in the detail! Once the book has been bounded and cut to the correct size, it is off to the detailing station to be finished with a place ribbon, head and tail bands which is lovingly done by hand. In the case of the image above, this notebook was beautifully finished by the wonderful Alisha.


One Last Bind!

Now the insert is complete and the cover is ready to go, it is time for one last check! Our team make sure we have the correct text block with the correct cover, and then it’s time to ‘case in’. This includes adding the beautiful end papers, the hinges to the cover and most importantly…securely bringing the entire notebook together.


The Finished Notebook

After this process has been thoroughly seen through from beginning to end, we’re handed an impeccably finished notebook fresh from the production team and it’s ready to be sent out to its new home.

When The Chateau notebooks were originally created, we started with just two designs. But, due to your amazing support we now have over 15 designs available, all inspired by the wonderful stories and treasures that are born at Chateau de la Motte Husson.

Our notebooks are the perfect desk companion and are waiting to be filled with exciting plans and future adventures. You can shop our range of personalised Chateau notebooks, here.

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