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How to Create a Showstopping Festive Fireplace

Decorating your home for Christmas is a huge part of the festive fun. We spoke to Kate from @resinn_ who featured on the latest series of Escape to The Chateau: Make Do and Mend all about how she created her wonderful festive fireplace and to offer you her top styling tips.

Kate and Erik are lucky enough to have an original fireplace in their living room. They decided that they wanted to create a dramatic and traditional festive fireplace ready for Christmas using foraged foliage and lots of the glass decorations the couple had collected over the years. Kate says ‘It’s the equivalent of a decorated Christmas tree but on a fireplace instead, which is a great solution if you don’t quite have enough space for a tree or if you want to try something different new this year’. Follow the below step-by-step to create your own festive fireplace display.

"There's something so beautiful about a festive fireplace that's been decorated with foraged foliage!"


Cut a piece of MDF

Start by measuring the length and depth of your fireplace mantel and cut a piece of MDF to that size so it will slot underneath it.


Time to paint

Paint the piece of MDF the same colour as the fireplace so it blends in seamlessly. This will mostly be covered by decorations and foliage but just to make sure there are no inconsistences.


Fix your screws

Kate then used screw hooks to twist into the MDF for the glass decorations to hang from, you can use as many as you want depending on how many baubles you wish to hang.


Secure the MDF

To secure the piece of MDF to the fireplace mantle, use two G clamps to keep the MDF in place. These may look bulky at first but will later be covered with decorations so try not to worry!


Hang your decorations

Time to decorate! Kate used a mixture of string, twine and ribbon to hang the baubles to each of the hooks, tying a little knot or bow to finish them off perfectly. Kate opted for quite a neutral colour palette to suit the rest of her home, but you can tailor this to suit your style and scheme.


Use plants and foliage

To hide the MDF/G clamps and to make the fireplace look even more embellished, Kate then arranged foraged ferns and ivy to the top of the mantelpiece. This is a great way to create height and depth, you can then finish it off with some festive themed accessories such as a candelabra and a stocking or two!

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